Slope Tutorial

Below is the series on Slope Tutorial. All links point videos on the Sipnayan Youtube channel.  The link to the complete Playlist can be found here.

SLOPE01 Definition of Slope and the Slope Formula
SLOPE02 Finding the Slope of a Line
SLOPE03 Positive and Negative Slopes of a Line
SLOPE04 Zero and Undefined Slopes
SLOPE07 How to Find the Slope of a Line from the Equation Part 1
SLOPE08 How to Find the Slope of a Line from the Equation Part 2

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Bakit zero ang slope ng horizontal line?

Ang horizontal line ay may equation na y = k, kung saan ang k ay real number. Halimbawa, ang horizontal line sa figure sa ibaba ay may equation na y = 5.

slope of a horizontal line

Sa pagkuha ng slope, kailangan ng dalawang points para i-compute ang rise over run. Kumuha tayo ng dalawang points, ang (3,5) at (7,5).

Ang pagkcompute ng slope ay rise over run o

\displaystyle\frac{5-5}{7-3} = \frac{0}{4} = 0. Continue reading