Set Tutorial Series

Below are the tutorials on Sets. All links point videos on the Sipnayan Youtube channel.  The link to the complete Playlist can be found here.

Part 1: Introduction to Sets
Part 2: Roster Method and Set Builder Notation
Part 3: The Cardinality of Sets
Part 4: Summary 1: Sets, Notation, Cardinality
Part 5: The Universal Set
Part 6: Representing Sets with Venn Diagrams
Part 7: Subsets and Proper Subsets
Part 8: Equal and Equivalent Sets
Part 9: One-to-One Correspondence
Part 10: Union of Sets
Part 11: Intersection of Sets
Part 12: Union and Intersection of Sets (Practice Exercise)
Part 13: Difference Between Sets
Part 14: Complement of a Set

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