GCD2 Common Divisors and Greatest Common Divisor

In the GCD1, we learned the meaning of common divisors. We continue studying the concept in this video and add a new learning namely identifying the greatest among the the common divisors of two or more numbers. The greatest among the common divisors of two or more number is called the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD). It is also called the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) since factor is synonymous in meaning with factor in this context.

Watch the video above, and then answer the practice exercise below.  Continue reading

GCD1 Understanding Common Divisors

In this video, we learn how the meaning of common divisors. We also learn some of the properties of divisors of numbers. After watching the video, answer the exercise below.  In the discussion, we will also learn about prime and composite numbers.

Practice 1: List the divisors of the following numbers.  Continue reading