LCM and GCF Word Problems Set 1

1.) What is the LCM of 12, 8, and 5?

a.) 120                        b.) 72                          c.) 60                           d.) 40

2.) Fe has 12 apples, 16 oranges, and 24 chicos. She wants to put all of them into baskets with each basket having the same number of each kind of fruit and none is left over. What is the largest number of baskets that Fe need?

a.) 2                             b.) 4                            c.) 6                             d.) 12

3.) In a terminal, green buses leave every 15 minutes and blue buses leave every 20 minutes. If a green bus left at 9:00 am, what time will a green and a blue bus leave at the same time?

a.) 9:30 am                 b.) 9:40 am                 c.) 9:45 am                 d.) 10:00 am

4.) A charity organization will be giving out 450 packs of noodles, 600 cans of sardines and 300 bags of rice. What is the most number of families that can receive the items if each family will receive the same number of each item and no item is left over?

a.) 150                        b.) 300                        c.) 450                        d.) 600

5.) Consider the following sequence of numbers:

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30,…
8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48,…
9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54,…

What is the first common number that will appear in the three sequences?

a.) 240                        b.) 320                        c.) 360                        d.) 420

6.) James has two types of wires. One wire is 72 inches and the other wire is 84 inches. He wants to cut both pieces so that all of the pieces have the same length. If he wants the pieces to be as long as possible and no wire is to be left over, how long should each piece be?

a.) 6 in                        b.) 8 in                        c.) 12 in                      d.) 13 in

7.) One clock chimes every 20 minutes and other clock chimes every 50 minutes. if the clock chimes at the same time at 10:00 am, what time will the two clocks chimes again at the same time?

a.) 11:20 am               b.) 11:40 am              c.) 11:50 am               d.) 12:00 pm

8.) Lara baked 16 chocolate cookies and 32 oatmeal cookies. She wants to put it on plates. If she wants all the plates to be identical, with no cookies left over, what is the greatest number of plates that can she prepare?

a.) 4                             b.) 8                            c.) 12                           d.) 16

9.) Red, green, blue light blink every 200 milliseconds, 300 milliseconds, and 400 milliseconds respectively. If the three lights blink at the same time, in how many milliseconds will they blink at the same time, again?

a.) 500 ms.                 b.) 600 ms.                 c.) 700 ms.                  d.) 1200 ms.

10.) A rectangle is to be covered with squares with the same size with no gaps, overlaps, or excess. If its dimension is 36 by 42 inches, what is the largest possible side length of each square?

a.) 7                             b.) 6                            c.) 3                             d.) 2

1.) a
2.) b
3.) d
4.) c
5.) c
6.) c
7.) b
8.) d
9.) d
10.) b