Inscribe Angle Theorem

Below are the tutorials on Inscribe Angle Theorem. All links point videos on the Sipnayan Youtube channel.  The link to the complete Playlist can be found here.

Lesson 1: INSA1 Introduction to the Inscribed Angle Theorem Series

Lesson 2: INSA2 Inscribed and Central Angles Intercepting the Same Arc

Lesson 3: INSA3 Proof of the Inscribed Angle Theorem (Case 1)

Lesson 4: INSA4 Proof of the Inscribed Angle Theorem (Case 2)

Lesson 5: INSA5 Proof of the Inscribed Angle Theorem (Case 3)

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Paano Mag-subtract ng Fraction Part 2

This video tutorial in mixed Tagalog and English is the continuation of Paano mag-subtract ng fraction? This video focuses on the techniques used for subtraction whose one given is a whole number and the other given is a fraction. Both the long way and the short-cuts were discussed.