AE05 Representing Division with Algebraic Expressions

In the previous video, we learned how to represent multiplication with algebraic expressions. In this video, we will learn how to represent division with algebraic expression.  Watch the Tagalog math tutorial video above and then answer the exercises below. The complete video playlist of the Sipnayan tutorials on Algebraic expressions can be found here.

Practice Exercise

Represent the following division with algebraic expression

1.)  12 ÷ a

2.) 3x ÷ 4

3.) 2y + 5 ÷ x

4.) (2y + 5) ÷ x

5.) 3 ÷ (2a – 3b)


1. \dfrac{12}{a}
2. \dfrac{3x}{4}
3. 2y + \dfrac{5}{x}
4. \dfrac{2y + 5}{x}
5. \dfrac{3}{2a - 3b}

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