AE02 Representation Using Algebraic Expressions

In the previous video, we learned about algebraic expressions. In this video, we will learn how to represent quantities using algebraic expressions. We will use real life situations and translate them to algebraic expressions. Watch the Tagalog math tutorial video above and then answer the exercises below. The complete video playlist of the Sipnayan tutorials on Algebraic expressions can be found here.

Practice Exercise

Represent the following using algebraic expressions.

1.) a number x decreased by 3

2.) the cost of 4 books at p pesos each

3.) the total weight of 3 sacks of rice at n kilograms per sack

4.) an increase in height h in inches of 3 inches

5.) a loss of 5 fruits at k pesos each


1. x – 3
2. 4 × p
3. 3 × n
4. h + 3
5. -5 × k

Note that n here are positive integers.

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