DF1 Division of Fractions (Proper and Improper)

In the previous series,  we learned about multiplication of fractions In this post, we learn how to divide fractions. Dividing a by b is the same as multiplying a by the reciprocal of b, so in essence, division is really multiplication. This means that it will be easy since we have already learned how to multiply fractions. Watch the video above and then answer the Practice Exercises below. 

Practice Exercises

1.) \frac{3}{8} \div 4

2.) \frac{1}{6} \div \frac{2}{5}

3.) \frac{3}{4} \div \frac{15}{16}

4.) 5 \div \frac{3}{5}

5.) \frac{5}{6} \div \frac{5}{12}

Answer to Practice Exercises

1.) \frac{3}{32}

2.) \frac{5}{12}

3.) \frac{4}{5}

4.) \frac{25}{3} or 8 \frac{1}{3}

5.) 2

In the next post, we are going to learn how to divide mixed fractions.

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