SF4 Subtraction of Mixed Fractions Part 1 (Shortcut)

In SF3, we have learned to subtract mixed fractions by converting them to improper fractions. In this video, we learn how to subtract mixed fractions using the “borrow technique,” a method patterned from subtraction of whole numbers. In this technique, we avoid converting mixed fractions to improper fractions. This lessens the calculations and reduces the chance of computational error. Watch the video above to learn about this technique. After watching, answer the exercises below. 

Practice Exercises

1.) 7 \frac{11}{12} - 4 \frac{6}{12}

2.)  11 - 3 \frac{5}{11}

3.) 6 \frac{1}{7} - 3 \frac{5}{7}

4.) 4 \frac {1}{9} - \frac{3}{9}

5.) 9 \frac{2}{8} - \frac{11}{8}

Answers to Practice Exercises

1.) 3 \frac{5}{12}

2.) 7 \frac{6}{11}

3.) 2 \frac{3}{7}

4.) 3 \frac{7}{9}

5.) 7 \frac{7}{8}

In the next post, we are going to continue the new strategy that we have learned.

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