LCM1 Least Common Multiple Part 1

In this video, you will learn the difference among multiples, common multiples, and Least Common Multiples (LCM). We will also learn how to get the LCM of two or more numbers using the listing method. The LCM is important because it is used in addition and subtraction of similar fractions.

Watch the video above and answer the following practice exercises. 


Find the least common multiple of the following numbers:

1.) 5, 8

2.) 4, 9

3.) 8, 12

4.) 3, 4, and 5

5.) 5, 6, and 8

The answers to the exercises above are available below this text. Answer the exercises above before scrolling. You may also want to proceed to the next lesson which is on getting the LCM of two or more numbers using the ladder method.

Answers to Practice

1.) 40

2.) 36

3.) 24

4) 60

5.) 120

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