SF1 Subtraction of Fractions (Similar Fractions)

After studying addition of fractions, we now start our series on subtraction of fractions. In this video we learn how to subtract similar fractions or fractions with the same denominators. The method in subtraction of similar fractions is very similar to the method in addition of similar fractions.

Watch the video above and after watching, answer the exercises below. 

Practice Exercises

1.) \frac{7}{8} - \frac{4}{8}

2.) \frac{11}{15} - \frac{3}{15}

3.) \frac{5}{9} - \frac{2}{9}

4.) \frac{11}{8} - \frac {3}{8}

5.) \frac{17}{20} - \frac{10}{20}

Answers to Exercises

1.) \frac{3}{8}

2.) \frac{8}{15}

3.) \frac{1}{3}

4.) 1

5.) \frac{7}{20}

In the next post, we are going to learn subtraction of dissimilar fractions.

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